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First things first, I want to say happy birthday to the Monstrous series, and plug Tanadin's author page on Amazon. It's been two years now, since the first chapter of the original Monstrous, and now it's out there for the world to see! Huge congrats, Tanadin.

Second of all, (and it's entirely coincidental that I'm posting this today, Monstrous's birthday and publishing date) I have a prologue to post. An original story that... some of you have read parts of.... But it's been heavily revised, and I have plans to actually finish it this time.

So without further ado... Let's see if paragraphs that are tabbed over still look like shit on Dreamwidth.

Oh, and, here's the link to the Skype group for discussing it... If you're interested.

Reconciliation Masterlist

December 15th, 3756. Time Instance 597A.

From the day mankind emerged from the ley lines of Akkeria it has sought to destroy itself. Never intentionally, though its actions have tended towards the dramatic; from wars, to summoning abominations, to weapons of mass destruction and everything in between. In this way, mankind's fear of death is paradoxical. Yet, somehow, they've managed to survive, whether by tenacity, or simple stubbornness. Through the years, humanity has organized, destroyed itself, and reorganized; so much so that not one of them knows the complete story of their world. Yet, not every tale begins with a conflict; some start as normal days, with normal people going about their normal lives. This is one such tale.

The Capitol Building of Uvoswela was a large, off-white building that stood many stories tall, in the middle of nowhere, near the center of the country. It was the center of government for the Chancery of Uvoswela, one of the most powerful countries on Akkeria—and also the most corrupt. Everything of importance happened in the Capitol Building; the Chancellor’s office and living suites were located there, as well as the offices of the Chairmen, and the headquarters of the Reconcilers.

The Reconcilers were known worldwide as the peacekeepers of Uvoswela—however, they were just as, if not more, corrupt than the government. They were judge, jury, and executioner; once a Reconciler issued an order, it was law. Only the Chancellor himself could countermand a decree given by a Reconciler. Among the civilian population of Uvoswela, they were revered as pinnacles of society; in other countries, however, they were reviled for their brutality, as well as the many deaths and disappearances perpetrated across the globe by their people.

It was in the Reconciler headquarters wing of the Capitol Building that our tale began. A small family, husband and wife with two daughters, had just arrived. Sayph and Mani, the daughters, had been accepted into the Reconciler training program. Today was the day they left home to begin their training, which would take several years to complete.

As they approached the receptionist’s desk, Mani, the younger of the two, clutched to her father’s side. “Dad,” she whined. “What about the kidnappings?” The girl had blood red eyes, with long, straight, black hair falling to her waist. Her dress was the same color as her eyes, making them stand out beautifully against her peachy face.

He crouched next to her, bringing his own eyes level with hers. “I have a friend here who will keep you safe, alright?” With a smile, he ran a hand down her face. “I’m happy for both of you. Now, get in there and make your mother and I proud.”

Mani pulled him into a hug. “I will, Dad.” As she let go, Mani looked over to her older sister. “And so will Sayph! Right, Sayph?” Sayph made a vague shrugging motion. She was only a year older than Mani, though she had an old soul. Her silvery hair was worn loose around her shoulders, almost the same color as her jacket, and her eyes were a light blue, almost the color of the sky. “Sayph?” Mani asked, trying to find out what was wrong with her usually cheerful sister. In response, Sayph merely walked off towards the reception desk.

“You better get going too.” Her father said. “Don’t want to be late!”

“Okay!” Mani replied, giving her mother and father a final hug. “I promise I’ll be a good girl! Goodbye!” She said as she ran to catch up with her sister.

“We love you!” Their parents said in unison.

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From: [personal profile] scara

I look forward to reading more of this series ^^

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Interesting. Looking forward to seeing where this goes! I have a feeling March is going to be a great month for the site.


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